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The Fantastic Four are adventures. They are a family of Indiana Joneses, it’s just what they discover and dig up is the Future and not the Past. With that in mind, a few years back, I decided to deconstruct them a little and show why they are the best and why Doom is the scariest mother (shut your mouth) in the Marvel Universe. I changed up a few things from the comics. (It’s mostly set in Hong Kong as a base and Sue and Johnny would be played by Asian actors.) And, yes I wrote this reboot being in the Marvel Universe, so today, the day Disney now owns the Fantastic Four outright, I present the first act (plus one key scene and tag) of the first movie—of the trilogy—Disney will never let me make. :)

Fantastic Four: The Reboot!

You ever write something that you know has no idea of ever happening?
Okay, so maybe everything I write on here follows that pattern, but stay with me. Just for fun I decided to take comments I said on a podcast or two about what I would love to see in…

Back before the 2016 election I was toying with the idea of writing a full scale political revue to be called “Your Guide to Knowing how to Check Your Gun’s Gender in an Elementary School Bathroom”. Included was this Drake parody about the disappearance of The Middle Class and the…

For a writing packed I imagined a cold open to the Conan O’Brian show on TBS with Will Ferrel promoting his Home Casino movie “The House”. I had a lot of fun writing this one and I hope you like it and the thought of Andy Richter as a casino enforcer tickles you as much as it did me.

A sketch for SNL I wrote in January 2016 (Oh, such innocent times) about the end of Obama’s term in office. He was under fire for all his Executive Orders and that they weren’t the way to govern…which… god damnit, irony, I used to love you. *cough* Anyway. I hope you like the sketch.

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A sketch from my #NBC Late Night Writers packet for #SNL like 4 years ago. The challenge was to create a possible recurring character. So, I wrote a script called Minor Holiday Man. I was debating posting it, because it is old and not my favorite, but seeing that today is Arbor Day, I figured what better time than now! I hope you like it. There is a lot here I like, and it’s lighter than most stuff I write now, but I didn’t assign cast members to the parts for some reason.

Continuing my run of Imagined SNL Sketches, here is “Can We Impeach Him for That?!?” a game show from my 2017 NBC packet where I cast Keanu Reeves as the host, in advance of John Wick 2. Let me know what you think!

Here is a piece that I submitted in my NBC Packet for 2017. I was asked to put together a piece about a possible recurring character. So, I present you with: The Door Man. A loyal character who could either, continue to be Trump’s Door Man, or could just work any random celebrity’s door depending on how it would play out.

Erik Sternberger

Comedy writer, screenwriter and improvisor that always listens to the Star Wars soundtrack when driving in a snow storm. All work linked at

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