“The Gang Remakes The Last Jedi”

The other morning I saw this meme on social media and it ate my brain. There is no better foil than for the toxic fandom that has been surrounding “The Last Jedi” than The Gang.

I instantly had the idea for the episode. Deciding to set out to something that I could do absolutely nothing with, I wrote the cold open over breakfast before work.

Then Act 1 after work. The next day, I hated it, realizing I was just writing a parody and that bored me. It sat for two days as a one-note joke, then I knew what I had to do. A quick re-write on Act 1 and I quickly finished 2 and 3. A full second draft and a clean-up polish draft later and here we are. I’m sure I could write four more drafts, but I have actual projects waiting. I hope you like it as much as I like The Last Jedi and Sunny in Philadelphia.

“The Gang Remakes The Last Jedi” (a spec script) by Erik Sternberger

Comedy writer, screenwriter and improvisor that always listens to the Star Wars soundtrack when driving in a snow storm. All work linked at eriksternberger.com